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Born Dutch, but naturalized.

Radical conservationist.

A Leo, a leader, explorer, writer and NAI Certified Interpretive Guide.

Advocating for the outdoors, hiking, pedaling and paddling – with groups

or solo.




Outdoor awareness grows

      a sense of place;

            builds community

                  and engages people.

                                      - Marlies Henderson

Mindful to preserve the last bits of wilderness in suburbia for the sake of sustainability; building a physical and social network of connections to complete the Bay Circuit Trail through Billerica, MA with an awareness campaign using local press and local access television. Mobilizing grassroots, and negotiating with property owners, local businesses, Town Government, State agencies and media.

Making waves, determined to run a tight ship with poise, with the objective to hold on to what is good and preserve it for posterity.












Marlies Henderson believes with Henry David Thoreau and Benton MacKaye that    

"The meaning of living

      is not toil and hardship,

                  but sport and quest!"

Chief Si'Ahl (Seattle) of the Suquamish and Duwamish tribes said:


"The earth isn't ours; we borrow it from our kids."


Any other opinions are my own.



Without the tireless support of my husband Brian, and the inspiration gained from raising three successful children, Wouter, Anneloes and Liam,

I would not be living this:  


  ...My Best Life!



2014 Certificate of Training: Chainsaw Safety for Trail Stewards

2017 Certificate of Achievement

Fundamentals for Conservation Commissioners

2018 River Steward Award, 

River Stewardship Council & the League of Women Voters

2020 Certified Interpretive Guide, 

National Association for Interpretation

2021 ACA Paddlesport

course completion

Kohlrausch_House_Citation-Lombardo (1)_edited.jpg

Marlies Henderson with Massachusetts State Representative Marc Lombardo

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